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Family raised Veal

Since 1999

Our veal is a tender and refined meat. Many types of meat cuts for different tastes and budgets! We have numerous homemade recipes for the type of people always on the rush or for the people who love cooking gourmet meals! 


How do we raise our veal?

Raising grain-fed calves takes place in two phases. We currently have one weaning barn and three finishing barns. Our veal calves are started in the weaning barn and stay for about 40-50 days. After receiving formulated milk for a couple weeks, they are subsequently fed mainly grains. After they are transferred into one of our finishing barns where they are on strictly our own homegrown grain! Thanks to this feed, the tasty grain-fed veal acquires its dark pink color.


Meet The Team

Why Chose Us?

On our family farm, we take care of our calves.  They are gathered in groups and thrive in fresh air and well-lit buildings. They have lots of space to roam around the barn, to socialize with other calves and to express their natural behaviors. They always have access to fresh water and food. Furthermore, our veal is raised without any growth hormones.

Animal wellbeing

The well being for our animals is very important to us. Therefore every one of our barns has ventilation fans, heating and aeration fans to keep them dry, warm, clean and in a healthy manner!


In order to ensure optimal quality, we as calf producers are engaged in a certification program. This program, recognized and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, guarantees superior animal safety standards and a high quality product for consumers. But most importantly, it's so that everyone knows how much we take our work to heart and that our priority is the care we provide to the calves.


Our goals

Offer the public a fresh quality meat but at a superb price

Homemade recipes for every type of consumer

keep our family values

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