Les Fermes A &M Venneman Inc.

Élevage de veaux de grain produit au Québec 

Very competitive prices

Discover our different veal cuts

Family owned since 1999


About Us

We are a local grain fed veal farm in Noyan in the Monteregie area.  

We have a very big variety of  meat cuts, different types of budget boxes and offer the chance to buy a whole calf !


We produce our own grain

We are proud to feed our veal calves with our own proper grain.

We Produce 800 calves per year with the greatest respect of animal welfare.

Best Sellers


Whole calfs

Advantage Veal Program

We offer the opportunity to our customers to save more than they already do! Save hundreds from buying a whole calf / half calfs. The cuts will be fully personalized to your liking.


Ground Veal

4.99$ Ground Veal

When purchasing $20 on any other product, obtain our ground veal at $4.99/lb.


Veal Bacon

Low in fat bacon

Our lean veal bacon is perfect for those who are a fanatic of bacon. Low in fat compared to other traditional bacons on the market.